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Development and security teams are currently grappling with the lack of clear visibility into their Web3 stack, forced to rely on Web2 security tools and solutions that simply do not align with the ecosystem and dynamics of the new landscape. Securing smart contracts and monitoring transactions are not enough, attacks are aggressively expanding around the complete stack and at every stage of the web3 development cycle. Our passion in security and extensive experience has driven us to address this new challenge by building ground breaking technology. We’re on a mission to help organizations to create secure web3 applications and accelerate their businesses with confidence.

An experienced and visionary team


Dedge Security was founded by web2 security professionals who were part of the founding team and leadership of Randed (acquired by Netskope). Powered by a group of experts in security, software and business development, committed to creating an innovative and resilient solution poised to redefine the Web3 security landscape.

Our leadership

Rubén Jiménez

Co-Founder & CEO

Paco Moral

Co-Founder & CMO

Maikel González

Head Of Engineering